December 18 – end of the weekers

147/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. It’s Friday, It’s Friday! No, not channeling that god awful song – just stating the awesome observance that it’s the weekend. I like celebrating any occasion and if you work, many of you end your Fridays off with a few beverages with the work crew before moving on to your weekend. I have been very fortunate in that this has been a regular occurrence (every couple of weeks) for me to participate in for several decades. First, as a teacher at my first school, we would hit the Flying Beaver – a beautiful pub situated on the water offering amazing views of the sun and of the float planes landing and taking off. Add to that a great crew of eclectic ever-changing people just to unwind with made the start of the weekend even that much more special. While working at UBC, less so with the faculty for drinks – actually, can’t even recall that happening but going out for a beer with my students was the norm. Before you go get all excited and report me, my students were adults ranging from their mid 20s to their mid 50s so it was above board 😉 This also allowed me to see them in a different light and vice versa which I thought was an important part of mutual respect for each other. Finally, here I am now teaching at another school. Smaller factions going out for drinks here and there and I have ended up with a crew comprised of members of two different schools who were friends and co-workers to begin with. I appreciate being brought into the fold and meeting different people that I wouldn’t have normally met. These Friday ventures allow socializing outside of teaching as one is often isolated from adult interaction during the day. To my new Friday beer crew of regulars (Matt and Mark) and recurring players (so many to name) – thanks so much for including me into a tradition that is so important to well-being and unwinding before turning attention to friends and family for the weekend. I look forward to many more Friday beer afternoons with y’all. Cheers (lookin’ you in the eye while I say that) 🙂