July 22 – U

363/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  Wow, only 3 more gratitude posts left including this one!!  When I started this journey a year ago, I was a little nervous as to if I would have 365 people to thank.  I didn’t want it to come down to posts such as thanking my mailman for the flyers he delivers in that they were the ones that led me on to some awesome deal!! ; )  Early on in these posts, I started hearing from friends that so and so had made “the list”.  I didn’t understand what that was until I was told that it was my “gratitude list”.  That put some pressure on me to say the least as there was now a “list”.  I didn’t want it to be a list and I didn’t want it to be some type of contest.  Then I heard that some people mentioned they were in the 80s and others were in the 200s!  I do have to make it clear that I haven’t had an order as to who I thank and thus whatever number gratitude post it was has no relation to ranking.  Most posts are the night before or a couple of days before.  Yes, I saved my dad for his birthday as I did with my children for theirs, my mom was first because well she is my mom but save for them and the final two gratitude posts, no one had a day or a number.  The list by the end of Sunday is far from complete.  I could thank another 365 people who got me to where I am today and this is what today’s gratitude post is about – to all of the people I didn’t name and there are hundreds of you that have impacted me!  So many former students, co-workers past and present, family members, inlaws, bosses, professors, fellow students, random strangers, neighbours past and present, friends, backhanded gratitudees (bullies and the like), service providers, celebrities etc, etc – just so many people who have made me who I am and to all of you un-named in this past year, you are part of this gratitude journey just because you were not personally mentioned here doesn’t mean you weren’t recognized by me.  To all the new people that will come in to my life, thanking you in advance as some of you will change and influence me in new ways.  Thank you to all of you who came along with me on this 365 day journey as well.  Your encouragement and support has gotten me to this end point.


February 8 – the masters

199/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I don’t know art at all. Yes, it’s a cliché but I just know what I like when I see it. I absolutely love abstract art as I find myself awash in the colours and the subsequent emotions and feelings that are awoken in me. I love going to museums and looking at paintings and have been fortunate enough to have been to MOMA, the Louvre, Sistine Chapel, Uffizi Gallery to name a few and have been greatly moved to have seen the work of the masters of the Renaissance up close but just as important has been those of minor artists. If I could afford a work, it would have to be by Monet but alas, that will never be; however, I do have one painting in my home by a local artist hanging over the fireplace and I have had it perhaps over two decades. It was the one and only piece I bought and I spent just over $900 for it – yes, crazy. I am not a fan of nature, boats, buildings etc in art but I bought this piece for two reasons – one which I am not very proud of. I did not know who Robert Bateman was but my sister had a few pieces by him and had also gifted my parents with his work and had told me that his work would appreciate in value. I thought they were just alright myself – totally not my style but his name was subconsciously engrained on my art radar. I decided to buy a piece of work from him because firstly, I fell in love with “Shadow of the Rainforest” a haunting piece by Bateman – it has the abstract element, moody colours and then something pops out at you and not so proudly but secondly because I thought I would make money off of it. Today, I can stare at it and just be mesmerized and for me, this is something I know is great art. I have fallen in love with it and actually don’t care if it has appreciated in value or not – it is something that I enjoy and that is why one should buy art. Thank you to the artists that have made my life a little bit more cultured but more importantly made me feel emotions through their works. My life is just that much better because of it.