June 2 – safe haven

313/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  Everyone wants to feel safe/have a safe haven and I can say that with all I had to endure during my childhood/teen years in regards to bullying, there was one thing that the government did that gave me some comfort – a Parent Watch program.  This was a program where homeowners could sign up to be homes where a threatened child could go to that door for safey.  They would be vetted by the governing agency and if approved, would be given – well, I don’t know what they were given as my mom was an immigrant and didn’t sign up for it – but I’m assuming that they were given training and a sticker to place on their window to show young people that this was a safe home.  That sticker was my beacon.  It was a bright orange triangle with two children in it.  We were taught about it in elementary school that if we ever needed to get away from someone, be it a stranger, someone in a car, a bully, whomever, we could run to a home with this sticker and they would help us out.  I’m not sure how they would but just having that peace of mind got me through a lot.  Yes, I had bullies who beat me up on my way home from school because I didn’t expect them but then I got savvy and started to plan my routes around homes that shone this star of hope for me.  I never, ever ended up using the services of the safe homes but just by knowing they were there made it somewhat easier for me to get home from school.  I wish the government had a similar program in existence today as I would definitely sign up and give that same type of comfort (whether utilized) for any child feeling threatened or bullied on their travels.  I thank all those adults who volunteered for the program – you don’t know how it made a difference for a person like me.


December 31 – goodbye 2015

160/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Closing off 2015. It’s been a crazy, chaotic year – yes, it tested me and it bested me but I learned a lot about myself and this blog was borne of it.   I made new friends this year that came into my life because that’s what was necessary for my life. I made stronger connections with already existing friends because that was also necessary. I faced health issues that only made me stronger. I lost touch with close relatives due to family politics but I reconnected with estranged family members as well – both making me that much better. I became open and honest about who I am and what my life is about. I shared about myself but I received so much more feedback from others telling me that I have inspired/aided them in their journey of life. I turned 50 this past year and faced my demons and discovered angels – one being letting go of my perfectionism and accepting my human frailties. I took on various challenges and conquered some of my fears. I re-evaluated my personal relationships and moved back home. I have learned a lot in the past year – some good, some not so good but all good for my personal growth. Yes, 2015 was another trying year for me – 3 years of trials and tribulations in a row but as they say, things come in 3s so maybe a change is coming! I needed you 2015 to put me through the test of life but I am very much ready to say goodbye to you and welcome the new year but whatever 2016 throws me, I will face it and deal with it as I do with everything I face, a smile and a drink in hand and my sense of humour intact! Cheers to you 2015 – glad to have been alive and living and heeding your life lessons!