February 8 – the masters

199/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I don’t know art at all. Yes, it’s a cliché but I just know what I like when I see it. I absolutely love abstract art as I find myself awash in the colours and the subsequent emotions and feelings that are awoken in me. I love going to museums and looking at paintings and have been fortunate enough to have been to MOMA, the Louvre, Sistine Chapel, Uffizi Gallery to name a few and have been greatly moved to have seen the work of the masters of the Renaissance up close but just as important has been those of minor artists. If I could afford a work, it would have to be by Monet but alas, that will never be; however, I do have one painting in my home by a local artist hanging over the fireplace and I have had it perhaps over two decades. It was the one and only piece I bought and I spent just over $900 for it – yes, crazy. I am not a fan of nature, boats, buildings etc in art but I bought this piece for two reasons – one which I am not very proud of. I did not know who Robert Bateman was but my sister had a few pieces by him and had also gifted my parents with his work and had told me that his work would appreciate in value. I thought they were just alright myself – totally not my style but his name was subconsciously engrained on my art radar. I decided to buy a piece of work from him because firstly, I fell in love with “Shadow of the Rainforest” a haunting piece by Bateman – it has the abstract element, moody colours and then something pops out at you and not so proudly but secondly because I thought I would make money off of it. Today, I can stare at it and just be mesmerized and for me, this is something I know is great art. I have fallen in love with it and actually don’t care if it has appreciated in value or not – it is something that I enjoy and that is why one should buy art. Thank you to the artists that have made my life a little bit more cultured but more importantly made me feel emotions through their works. My life is just that much better because of it.