August 24 – doctors who care

31/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I know that people in the medical field, especially in these times of healthcare cutbacks, get a negative reputation but I must take today’s post to commend my specialist Dr Pearce W. Just over a decade ago, I went to India with my siblings and mother for a family trip. Unfortunately, the better part of the trip was spent in rural villages and unbeknownst to all, I picked up some type of parasite that lay dormant in my system until about 6 months later in Canada. I ended up lethargic, contracted pneumonia and was hospitalized and off of work for 4 months. My family doctor referred me to respirologist Dr W and I have been seeing him regularly for a decade. He was so thorough in his investigation of my condition – from checking for TB to HIV, even having biopsies performed for the detection of cancer and other issues because my lungs were scarred with nodules affecting my breathing resulting in a secondary condition of a compromised immune system (I get sicker faster and longer than most people). He was able to narrow it down to a disease called sarcoidosis and we have tried a battery of drugs to slow the growth of the nodules but I happen to be the rare few that hasn’t yet responded to any medical treatment. Dr W has been supportive and fully explains the semi-annual catscans, the breathing tests and bloodtests that I am subjected to every time I see him. I could have ended up with a specialist with no “bedside manner” but fortunately for me, I have a caring doctor who keeps me positive which helps greatly in that I don’t allow my medical condition to dictate my life and the way I live it – it is just a part of me that I am aware of and deal with thanks to Dr W advice. I hope no one ends up with a lifelong medical condition but if you do, I also hope that you are as fortunate enough to have a medical professional who cares about you as a person and not just as a patient.