October 24 – if you like this post

92/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I’ll admit it, I’m a Facebook junkie – I like posting status updates, I like throwing up selfie pics, I like reading other people’s posts, I like checking in – I like it all. I also will admit that I have several hundred friends on Facebook. I may not speak to them all – well, that’s an understatement as I definitely don’t but I still am glad that I have met them and added them/been added and I do hope that I offer some form of entertainment with my many Facebook posts. There are some friends on my Facebook though that are consistently giving me positivity which I want to recognize today. Yes, conversations may not take place with each of these three ladies but each of them gives me a like on a picture/update or a supportive comment and I am very appreciative in that I know someone is reading/seeing what I am putting up. In fact, that encourages me to express myself and keep being creative at my age in the social media world. To Celine, Shunay and Donna – thank you all for always giving me your attention in the online world by taking a moment from your busy lives. I want to say that it means a lot and I do recognize it – especially today in this post. Ladies, I click Like in your honour!!