October 6 – foster the arts

74/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I’m right brained. I’m artistic. I’m creative. I am imaginative. I am aesthetically inclined. I am equally left brained but it isn’t something that excites me yet I can easily accomplish such tasks. Growing up, my right-brained interests were not fostered. Like a left-handed child forced to use his right hand, I was told that it was a waste of time drawing and painting. I was explicitly maneuvered into number manipulation. Upon bringing home some of the innovative projects, they usually met the garbage fairly quickly…test scores would be focused on and I learned from an early age that to get positive affirmation, it was not what I could create but what I could remember and regurgitate. Entering high school, I was steered away from the electives I wanted to take but I decided to make my own choice in grade 9 and enrolled in art/drawing. I loved it. It was the class that was my place of solace from the torture and bullying of high school. I could be me and escape into my sketchbook or another medium for that hour and just let my inner self out in some sort of representation – I’d like to say I met kindred souls but that wasn’t the case; however, my teacher – I believe her name was Ms McInnes or Ms Innes was so incredibly nice and nurtured the creative me. She would give me advice and allow me the freedom to express myself the way I wanted. I regret that I did not continue onwards in the arts, but with the pressure of getting into university and electives not being valued at home, I changed course and put all my effort into the academic side of school. However, here I am at 50 and I am finally allowing that inner teenager out to fully express his artistic and creative side. Thank you Ms McInnes/Innes for lighting the spark in me that through the years never, ever got smothered! My brush paints a stroke for you!