June 23 – u knew what was right for me

334/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  Some days I have no clue who I am going to write about and then all of a sudden it just dawns on me because of a thought or an interaction.  Tonight, it was the latter – I was invited to a Vancouver Business Educations Teachers BBQ and I decided to attend.  Yes, I teach in Richmond but the organizers remember me because my practicum and first two years of full-time teaching were in Vancouver way back in the early 90s.  They also extend the invite to me as I was at most of the Vancouver high schools supervising student teachers when I had my gig at UBC.  As I was sipping my big ass red solo cup of wine, in walked Shamim.  I had totally forgotten about Shamim up until today.  She was paramount in my decision to take a job in Richmond as a teacher.  After my practicum in 1991 at Tupper in Vancouver, I ended up with two year long jobs in Vancouver at Britannia and Templeton.  Although they were full-time, I did not have a continuing contract.  I applied in 1993 for a job in Vancouver at David Thompson and through a series of circumstances, a job opportunity at Burnett in Richmond.  I ended up with full time continuing contract job offers from both districts.  This was unheard of (I was told).  I was then given offers from both districts in terms of crediting me seniority if I took a position with their respective districts.  My heart was set on taking the job in Vancouver.  I phoned up Shamim, who was at the school and who had met me earlier.  Small world in that I would either end up working with her at David Thompson or her husband Mike at Burnett!!  She put it in the easiest terms possible: although, she and the staff would love to work with me in Vancouver at David Thompson, I lived in Richmond and the school was minutes away from home and I would be doing this job for a lifetime and needed to be close to home and that I needed to take the job away from where I was comfortable.  I 100% thought she would have said to come to David Thompson and had that mind-set but after her talk, I took a lot of time to rethink my decision and well of course, I heeded her advice and the rest is history.  I know I made the right decision but I’m so glad that Shamim was there to steer me in the right direction because my ship was stalled!  I need people to tell me what to do and I so needed Shamim.  I love teaching in Richmond and I’m so glad that Shamim didn’t spare my feelings and told me exactly what to do.  Although I thanked you in person this afternoon, I need to thank you digitally so all know that you had a big part in me being the teacher I am in Richmond!!  Kudos to you for knowing me better than I knew myself ; )


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