May 22 – easy breezy

302/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I have talked about my childhood many times over throughout these gratitude posts and recall more of the negative things that life threw at me as there were so many of those; however, I have never been bitter about those experiences in that I feel all of them have shaped me into who I am today. Yes, I had more than my fair share of bullies in elementary and high school but there were some good people as well. Anne was one of those people. She was kind and gentle and never partook in the harassment that I went through. We didn’t really know each other well but we knew of each other through casual conversations and the interactions of elementary and junior high school. I recall working on a project with Anne and the only reason it is still memorable is because it went off without a hitch (and of course, we got a good mark!!). Anne is also my first Facebook friend from the school days. After having had joined Facebook for a few years, I decided to look up school friends and Anne was the first person I friended. She was also the first school-mate that I reconnected with in real life as we grabbed a coffee when she was in town. It’s all because Anne was and is a very nice person and that quality shone through and it made a difference for me when I was younger. Thanks for being one of a few gentle breezes that helped me sail through the tough days of elementary and junior high.


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