May 17 – ending a friendship

297/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  I guess it’s not true what they say about aging – that you get crankier or forgetful or set in your ways.  None of these hold true but I can also say that 50 isn’t really aging – it’s the new 35 😉  But seriously, the last one about being set in your ways and keeping the status quo is definitely not how I have lived my life of late.  This past year, I unfortunately had to let go of a close friend who for the past decade was there for me (as I was for her).  We were the best of friends hanging out regularly and sharing our love of craft beer and fun and commiserating over life circumstances.  We had met through a friend and became even better friends because of it and through her, I was fortunate enough to meet other friends.  I was able to just let go and cut loose when we hung out.  I got to know her family and hit up the Sunshine Coast and a few festivals along the way.  She was also there for me (along with the friends) during my difficult time through my separation and got me out of my funk by making sure I was doing things and socializing.  I thought we would have been lifelong friends but then she got threatened/jealous by the fact that the friends she introduced started to socialize and at times without her in the mix – which is ironic since I met her in the exact same circumstances: friend of a friend.  Unfortunately, stories were made up about a few of us with a he said/she said element and yes, I got caught up and am to blame for opening my mouth to agree with things but when the shit hit the fan, all parties involved realized that the common denominator was this friend and ties were not just cut but severed with a dull knife, a dull rusted knife!!  The good that came out of it was the truth was learned about who real friends are, stronger bonds were made with others and I realized that as one ages, one doesn’t have to accept things and even a decade old friendship that doesn’t serve you doesn’t have to be preserved.  I am saddened of course as we were good friends because of our connection but I have been strengthened in my resolve to surround myself with happy vibes when at all possible.  I still think of the good with this friend and am thankful that she was there for me and I will remember the amazing times rather than the last couple of negative months and that’s another thing that I am happy with that I can let go and not be bitter but focus on the positive.  I wish things had turned out differently and if ever a reconciliation could be had, I would welcome it with a whole table dialogue with all involved but I am very appreciative of the friendship that we had because I am a changed man because of her!  Cheers to wherever you are! 😦


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