May 15 – redefining aging

295/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  So I’ve passed 50.  That was almost 10 months ago.  I gotta get over it 😉  I’m that guy who now has to check the box “50 and above” and accept it.  What has made this journey easy – wait, that is not the word, hmmm, what has made this journey acceptable is some of the amazing 50 plussers out there paving the way.  The one that comes to mind is Dee.  I honestly can’t remember where I met Dee the first time (and I don’t think I made an impact that first time) which would have been a decade or more ago but I know it was at some gym setting.  I never spoke with her as far as I can remember and had I not joined up at Makifit, I would never have made her acquaintance and got to know her.  I think Dee is one of the most amazing women I know.  I don’t want to guess at her age as that would be very uncouth but Dee rocks it.  I see her at the gym and she is giving it all and I am inspired.  Everytime she sees me, regardless of how sweaty I am, she yells out my name and gives me the biggest hug possible.  I have vowed that when I finally cut off this man-bun, Dee, the hairstylist, will be the one to chop it off – I mean, she convinced me about a month ago when I was at my wit’s end with my hair that I wasn’t ready to let go and you know what, she was right – I need to let this hair flow and I’m loving it now all because she told me to stick with it.  I am amazed by Dee’s vitality and love of life and love for people.  I have only ever connected with her at the gym but I can tell that she is just as awesome outside of that arena.  I hope that when I am Dee’s age (in about two years as she’s probably just my age 😉 ) that I am as connected, as fit, as loving, as energetic, as inspiring, as amazing as she is.  You have made me appreciate aging as you don’t have to give into it but rather take control of it and redefine what it means to age and because of you, I am going to do just that!


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