May 14 – golden boy

294/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  When I got married way back in the late 80s, my “family” more than doubled.  My wife had so many cousins and a good 2/3 of them were younger than me.  This was so very cool for me as I got to see them move on from their teen years into young adulthood, witnessed their weddings and then join the ranks of parenthood.  All of them have been great role models for my own kids and now their kids look up to my young adult and teenager.  The one cousin that was similar to me in that he was an only son with two youngers sisters was/is Pavi.  From the get-go, Pavi has always been one of my biggest supporters and although he almost always has the utmost respect for me, he likes to take the occasional jab at this selfie-king 😉   Pavi, unlike most males, wears his heart on his sleeve and is very honest about his feelings and this is probably what drew me to him because he is genuine.  He is not afraid to be vulnerable and that is a quality I admire and something that I started doing in the last few years.  His two sons are very fortunate to have him as a dad – I see how caring he is towards them and I can also tell that he is a great son as he forwent a lot (his career) in order to stay in Golden and carry on the family business.  Pavi was also one of the few relatives that I feel comfortable in being open and honest with as I don’t think he is judgmental but just there to listen and give advice when needed.  I hope I have been the same for him.  Thanks Pavi for being a great cousin and a great ambassador for Golden whenever I make a trip down!


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