May 11 – the debbies and nellys

291/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  I’ma say it – I can’t handle Negative Nellys or Debbie Downers.  Yup, I’ve aged myself and I don’t know the Millenial/hip term for these types of people but you know them – all they do is whine and complain.  There are some people on my staff that I see and I then quickly try to turn away from or strike a conversation with someone else lest I be drawn into their drama about how horrible their life is.  There are people on my Facebook that have post after post about the woes in their life but in cryptic status updates – no, I don’t care and nor am I going to read the replies to your “Oh not again” plus crying face emoticon!  I love all the happy go lucky people who make me feel good about life.  I love the great status updates about fun times and frivolity.  That’s exactly how I choose to express my life.  I can’t avoid the negativity of life – believe me the last few years were the toughest but I didn’t burden others with the realities of my life – l lived it and shared it with those who asked (the operative word).  For everyone else, I still kept it light and carefree.  Yes, there are times when one must vent – I so understand that and I have done that but selectively.  This gratitude post is for all the people who cross my path and make me smile.  Crack me up with jokes.  Understand that everyone has shit.  Put on a happy face for the majority but express their sorrow to the ones who matter.  I need your humour and lightness in my life.  I need the joy you bring me when my own life might be all topsy-turvy.  I will give you all that in return.  Yes, the entire world is your oyster but it ain’t your audience and you have learned that and I so appreciate you for not bringing yourself down (or me).  The negativity is not directed at anyone in particular but the positivity is to all of you who get me through my days with smiles and laughs.


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