May 5 – the student becomes the teacher

285/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  I’m in pain.  This is what happens when you do no type of exercise for 5 months and return to working out.  I totally expected to be this way but there is that driven part of me that says you should be back to your old self within days.  My doctor is impressed that given 6 broken ribs, I am back working out (his suggestion – a year off).  I can’t do that.  I have to get back in shape.   I talked about the friends that motivated me upon and prior to my return but tonight it’s about the instructor.  Dana was a fellow 4pmer.  About 2 years ago, she joined the gym and started attending the 4pm class.  There were 4 of us regulars but one soon got busy with life leaving the Triple Threat and Dana.  We befriended her and joked with her about her membership into the 4pm crew.  She went along with the ribbing and soon was an integral part of the 4pm crew.  The four of us socialized, added new members (getting up to the Awesome Eight) and just had a great time while working out but Dana was amazing!  She was a trainer waiting to be.  Just this year, she became a certified personal trainer and is now teaching the 4 pm crew!!  This must be surreal for her and okay, I’ll be honest, I put her through the test 😉  Dana is awesome as an instructor but especially this week – she told me to take it slow and easy and came up to me several times to tell me I was good (that I needed to rest).  I so very much appreciate it as the go-getter in me didn’t realize what my body was telling me but she did.  I also love the fact that we have an easy-going friendship and she is starting to give as good as I give to her in regards to humour although I can make her blush at a drop of a hat.  I’m so glad I met you and that you joined the 4pm crew and now you are leading it.  I look forward to many classes with you buddy!


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