May 1 – le bibliotheque

281/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  Sometimes you just gotta know how to play the game.  That is the biggest lesson I learned while attending university.  You had to learn which professors to take that would meet your own learning style.  You had to arrange your courses so you wouldn’t be stuck in traffic getting to and from campus.  You had to choose the right group partners who carried their own weight while adding value to the project.  You had to select the electives that gave you what you wanted but not what you didn’t (discussions vs readings).  However, my greatest learning took place while doing research.  I didn’t know how to use a library and no I’m not a foreign student – born and raised in Canada but the library was just daunting and a place I tried to avoid.  However, it was inevitable that I would be spending several hours in those buildings during my university career (who knew there was more than one library on a campus?? – not I!!!).  I soon learned that the librarians loved taking care of clueless students like me.  I can honestly say that not once did I have to hunt for books.  The librarians took my topics and narrowed them down for me and then found periodicals and books and magazine articles all relevant to my study.  Most of them even looked for the books and helped me set up the organization of my paper and I would allow them to.  First, I had no clue what to do anyways and second, this was their passion and who was I to deny them 😉  Yes, I played up my dumbness (No, I don’t know how to use the microfiche – oh hell yes, that’s the era I grew up in) and over exaggerated my thanks but I needed all the help I could and got it.  But seriously, I was very grateful that these men and women assisted me and made that one component of my university life that much easier.  Thank you to all librarians but especially those during my university years who got me through it with relative ease and very little pain 🙂


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