April 27 – ego boost

277/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  I’ve had a crazy busy week at work and it’s only hump day.  In charge of creating a Grad Auction with my Marketing 12 class raising funds to cover a photo booth at the grad dinner.  On top of that, also coordinating a Cancer Fundraiser with the same class culminating with a teacher head shave.  All this being completed this week and then coordinating experiences with local restaurants for my Marketing class, a kindergarten and grade 2 class to work with my Psychology students on child development and finding, learning and teaching free online tax software for my Accounting class while also taking 50 students to Playland – crazy!!  Yes, I have written about certain students who have told me about the difference I have made personally to them as a teacher and I’ve written about students who have affected me both of which are very, very important to me and which I am not downplaying in the least but the behind the lesson organization is oftentimes not understood by most students.  However, today, a student said to me that he didn’t realize all the stuff that I have done and organized for the class so far and as a grade 11 student last year, he just thought it was something the school did as part of its routine and not a teacher and his class.  Wow, this was all I needed to keep me going and doing what I do – yes other teachers understand but I don’t really think others outside of education (even spouses daresay I) get all that goes into getting a lesson/project/educational experience prepared.  I took his comment as a mental pat on the back and also thanked him.  After reflecting on his comment further, I can say that I can probably count on one hand students who have said something in the same vein but that’s okay, every 5 years or so is when I need that ego-boost 😉  Of course, we don’t teach for the accolades, it’s all about our passion but it’s also nice to be recognized for a job well done every so often.  Thank you to the students who have a greater awareness of what teaching is all about and are willing to let the teacher know that they are aware. 🙂


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