April 17 – to new friends

267/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.   Contrary to what you see these days, I wasn’t the carefree, confident, out there guy growing up.  I wasn’t shy in the true sense of the word but rather unsure of myself and how people would take me.  I was nervous that people would judge me because I was too intense, didn’t watch sports, had a fairly unconventional look – almost anything possible that I could find negative about myself, I used as a protective tool not to have to open up to people and be shunned.  That changed sometime in my 20s where I allowed myself to just be me and not care as much about how I am perceived and have been that way ever since.  This past weekend, I met about half a dozen new people at a couple of social gatherings.  Every single one of them younger than me from a few years to more than a few years and we connected – not saying we will be lifelong friends or even acquaintances but who’s to say what develops.   This is the thing that surprises me often – that regardless of age, people connect – I expect new people to be scared off when I reveal I’m 50 but that is not the case and I also believe that making friends in later life is harder to do which is clearly not the case.   I think I’m probably the ageist in that I expect to have nothing in common with people outside my age range but as I have learned from all the new people who have come into my life over the last few years, age is not a defining factor in friendships but it’s more about commonalities and connections.  To all of the new people in the last few years who I have met and maintained friendships with, I am very grateful as each of you in your own ways has brought out good in me and I am hoping that I have also done something for you as well.  I look forward to getting to know you or getting to know you even better!  Thank you for giving this old man a chance 🙂


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