April 9 – i was a frat boy

259/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  Guaranteed you did not know this about me:  I was a frat boy!  Yup, Delta Kappa Epsilon – the Dekes!  This was my dream as I was growing up.  I watched tv shows (American tv shows) and saw sororities and fraternities and wanted to be a part of the brotherhood.  Growing up geeky, awkward and friendless and then becoming that proverbial swan upon entrance into university, I did what any shunned person did – focused on my looks and used them for popularity!  Okay, I kid but yeah, I lost all the baby fat and decided to rush fraternities during my first year as a joke not thinking I was going to be a pledge.  But think again and there it was – Delta Kappa Epsilon took me.  From loser high school boy to popular first year pledge with instant friends in all years of Commerce (my degree) and high fives all over campus, I was in heaven because up until I never was accepted by my peers and so I ate this attention up.  Yes, I was the ethnic quotient for the fraternity as there was no other Indo-Canadian brother but I didn’t consider that – I was in.  I went through initiation and all was awesome until I started failing classes left, right and center (yes, 3 classes in first year).  Was told by my Commerce advisor that either I focused on my degree and leave the fraternity or change my degree and stick with my brotherhood.  Hardest decision ever but I went for education over brotherhood and yes, getting out of a fraternity is no easy task.  I’d like to think and am going to think that my stint there was because they liked me and what I brought and the me of 30 years ago needed that so bad and thus, I will never forget the Dekes for letting me be on the inside and popular as that was all I longed for growing up and I finally got it.  Do I wish I stayed on?  Hell yes but it wasn’t meant to be but that initial acceptance boosted my confidence like no other experience before that and for that, I am forever grateful – thank you my brothers from Delta Kappa Epsilon for changing me from that moment on and letting me believe in myself!


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