April 1 – PE boyz in da hood

251/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.  I have never been and never will be a jock in this lifetime or any life time.  I accept it.  It’s not me.  Would I have loved to be a jock – hellz yes!  However, I accept my place.  I had also accepted my place that I would never hang with jocks.  Definitely didn’t happen in my teen years in high school and really didn’t happen at university unless you count my stint in a fraternity (and yes, a gratitude post in that respect is upcoming).  I always was the guy on the outside looking in.  I so wanted to be a part of the athlete crowd but I wasn’t even in with the mathlete crowd – that’s how nerdy I was.  I resigned myself to just me being me.  However, a crazy thing happened once I became a teacher.  I became fast friends with the PE boyz!  Who would have figured??  Almost no one!!  I can recall the Home Ec teacher questioning how I was friends with all the PE guys and although I laughed it off, I often wondered myself.  I am nothing like the guys – they being … well, they being jocks and me being me.  I got invited to hang with them in their office, share jokes, beer nights, poker nights, and that was at my old school.  At my present school, I hang with a few from two different schools.  I guess I had placed the PE boyz on some other-worldy pedestal – one that was out of reach for me growing up but those were the dumb jocks back in the day who were bullies.  These guys are awesome grown men who don’t judge someone for their (lack of) athletic ability but rather for what one brings to the table in terms of personality, humour and character.  I am so glad that these PE guys have accepted me (and others) in their fold and I have been able to have great friendships with them over the years and continue to do so.  Thank you to Matt G, Jon A, Dom M, Trevor H, Adam T, Matt W, Wayne N, and any others I may have forgotten who have brought me into a group of guys that I wouldn’t normally be a part of!


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