March 10 – insight is right

229/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.   Your children’s teachers – so many of them over the years that one can barely remember them all if any especially if you have more than one child. There are awesome teachers and then the not so awesome ones. Some give you insight into your child and others need a little insight 😉 We, for the most part, have been very fortunate in the teachers our children have had. I can’t remember which teacher said this but her comment has stayed with me since its utterance. Back in elementary, my son at home was all over the place – rambunctious, asserting his role by talking back, defying authority by not doing what he was told in the moment, leaving his books and toys around – you name it, he did it. Of course, this was the pinhole perspective of him that I had until I went to parent/teacher conferences. The teacher started by asking us if I had any questions and I just asked her if he was the same boy at school that he I had at home. She told me that he was respectful and kind, considerate of others, helps with putting things away etc etc. My jaw dropped and I honestly thought she had confused up her files and was talking about the wrong student. When I told her I wished that boy was at home, this is where her comment hit me. She told me that you’d rather have that crazy, wild child at home and an angel outside rather than the other way around where a parent has no clue what the child is like outside because of the falsity at home. In that moment, I got it. She was right. I can handle him – I’m his parent but the greatest compliments I have received are about how good and respectful he is when he is outside of the home. Even this year at parent teacher conferences, his marks were all over the place but every single teacher commented on how nice, humourous and overall a good son we have. So thank you elementary teacher for giving me that powerful insight that has stayed with me since that parent-teacher conference. Teach on!


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