March 9 – Mumee dearest

228/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me.   In the Indian culture, we have special names for aunts and uncles instead of the generic terms of aunt and uncle. Each of the terms signify the relationship of that particular aunt or uncle to oneself – for example your mother’s brother is called Muma or your father’s sister’s husband is a Fufar or your mother’s sister is a Musee (even your parents cousins fall into this category hence we have no second cousins). We were taught these terms from the get-go and I label all my immediate aunts and uncles this way.   Yes, it’s very complicated but it shows all the ties and how one is related to another and I actually appreciate it. Growing up, my Mumees (mom’s brother’s/cousin’s wives) have been some of my favourite aunts. Strangely enough, even though they are in-laws into the family, they have been some of the kindest and caring aunts I have had. Surjit, Manjit, and my Mumee in England (I honestly can’t remember her first name as we don’t really use them) are three that I am particularly fond of. They were very nice to me growing up and never made me conscious of my awkwardness or weight problem. I saw my Mumee Surjit more than my Mumee Manjit who I saw more than my Mumee in England but each and every time I saw them, I only got positivity from them. Yes, maybe a little correction to my behaviour but I always knew it was coming from a caring place (I can’t say that for all my other relatives though). Although I don’t them as often now that I am older and have my own kids and life, I still remember their impact.  So tonight’s post is to honour my 3 Mumees – awesome ladies who definitely made me feel awesome about myself.


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