February 2 – viva Italia

193/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. So here I am a little over half way through these gratitude posts and it got me reflecting on when I started and where I was and that was at my buddy’s restaurant the night I started! For a few weeks before my 50th, I was on a mad hunt for a venue to host my party and then it dawned on me – my favourite joint is my friend Dom’s restaurant Via Tevere on Victoria and didn’t even think of it. I texted him and the ever accommodating Dom told me the patio was mine from 7pm to 10pm for everyone in my party – something I did not expect but was very grateful for and I’m sure my guests were also. However, that is not the reason I’m writing about him although I must admit that his food is hella-awesome – the best authentic pizza ever plus I have a special in in that I just have to text him and I get a table as soon as…oh, wait, I’m not sharing my special in 😉 Now the real reason Dom makes the list as I know this is referred to as “the list” in a special circle is that from the moment I met him as a PE teacher at Burnett, he has been nothing but kind to me. We have a special love for the tv show Survivor – yes, even 32 seasons in and end up discussing it anytime we have a chance. He invited me to his poker nights/guys night out with all the – yes, I’ll say it – jocks which I am far from but I felt honoured to be a part of the boys club that I get included on. But the biggest reason that Dom has had an impact on me is a compliment he paid me over a decade ago which for a former bullied, overweight person coming from a PE guy made a world of difference for my self-esteem but has always stayed with me: I was a few months away from 40 and the other PE teacher was a year plus into it and Dom said that his goal at 40 would be achieved if he looked half as good as us and had our energy. Coming from a late 20 something (or maybe really early 30s), that was some compliment and I have told him on a few occasions the impact it had on me and it’s time for everyone else to know. Thanks Dom for being an awesome friend, an amazing entrepreneur and all around great guy!


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