February 1 – would you like fries with that?

192/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Here I am starting a new semester and looking at these wise and worldly teenagers in my classes and it gets me to thinking and reflecting on my past. Back in high school, it was hell but my escape was my job at the local McDonald’s and not just a basic McDonald’s but the very first McDonald’s in all of Canada – at #3 Road and Granville in Richmond. I don’t know what gave me the courage to go and apply for the job and keep phoning back but persevere I did and ended up getting the job. I was the lucky guy who got to bypass lobby – meaning I did not have to be in the restaurant with broom, mop and dustpan and clean up. I also did not want the coveted male job of grill – sweating over a hot oven cooking up burgers – no, definitely not for me. I ended up being counter/window and taking orders which lasted about a year and then I became the first male host talking to customers in the restaurant area and doing children’s birthday parties – easiest job there and bonus – we got tipped!! Over the years, I met a lot of co-workers there who didn’t know the fat, geeky Randy and I was able to shape a new persona – actually, that is incorrect, they shaped my new persona by accepting me and letting me be me. Yes, some of them judged me – and I still remember who you are 😉 – but a lot of them were like me just trying to fit in and those are the people I really want to thank tonight for accepting the awkward, not comfortable in his shell but try-hard wanting to please guy. The Natalies, Jassys, Leannes, Debbies, (RIP) Garys, Mikes, Robs, Traceys, Monettes, Patricias, Claudettes, Julias, Brians, etc etc. I also want to thank the regulars who were the day full time crew that we rarely saw but I worked with during my Pro Ds off from high school. These ladies were the kind moms who gave me love, support and warmth that I didn’t really get and I still remember them to this day. Y’all had a significant impact in shaping who I became because you allowed me to ease into who I was to become. In your honour, I shape an ice cream cone because you shaped me!


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