January 17 – are you a sell out?

177/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. How strong are my convictions? Would I sell out my beliefs for a pay cheque? For a career? I’ve often wondered that and because I have, I have been very cognizant about defining what I believe and living what I believe – all because of one guy. When I was finishing up my Education degree at UBC and most of us were desperate to secure a job teaching anywhere, I recall one of the Education guys that I had become friends with (and I am very disheartened that I don’t remember his name especially because of his impact on me). We were sitting in the lobby of the Commerce building and some of our fellow classmates had secured teaching job interviews and even jobs with districts within the public school system. This guy, with his great marks and secure self (a few years older than me – I also believe he was a young father at the time) also had a few call-backs but told me that he wasn’t going to follow through with them. I was in shock – here I was desperate to get a teaching job, any teaching job and here he was deciding not to take the teaching jobs that he was offered (that were eluding me). I asked him why and he mentioned that he definitely should take the jobs especially since he had a young child and had taken a year off to pursue the degree but that he couldn’t take a job in the public school system as the BCTF goes against all his beliefs as a Christian. I had no clue what he was talking about but because I like to understand people’s reasoning, I asked for more information. He told me that he had researched all the organizations/groups/beliefs that the BCTF supported or had links/ties with and he had discovered that they believed in choice (abortion) and he in good conscience and as a good Christian couldn’t work for an organization that went against his values. Although I didn’t agree with his belief system (no offense to anyone reading this), I told him that I had great respect for him in that he had defined a belief system which I didn’t have at that time and he stuck to his principles even if it meant giving up a lucrative career (okay, lucrative is debatable 😉 ). Seriously though, I was so very impressed by him and have thought of him many, many times when making my own decisions around my core values – true to myself or lured to the mighty dollar or whatever else it might be. WWEGD (What would Education Guy do?). – Huge appreciation to you for putting me on the path to developing my conscience in order to make important life decisions.  I hope you are living the best life for you and yours!


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