January 15 – instant bestie

175/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. People say that I easily make friends. I disagree. I think the people I become friends with instantly have some amazing qualities that attract me to them and allow me to let loose and become friends with them – it’s all about them. That is definitely the case with my new friend Dee-Ann W. We met only 6 months ago but instantly became fast friends and it’s like we’ve been friends forever – one of those past lifetime friendships that have finally met again in this lifetime type of friends if that makes sense. We ended up working in a very cushy summer school situation – I can’t elaborate as you would be jealous and really get your hate on – suffice to say that all our bonding time cemented our new found friendship. Dee-Ann is a fellow teacher on the teaching spectrum – whereas I teach Grade 12s, Dee-Ann teaches kindergartners and judgmental me always thought elementary school teachers were uptight, by the books, stick in the muds. Not the case with Dee-Ann. Upon that first meeting, instantaneous bond – yes, there was an outside element that helped with that but our friendship was meant to be. She gave me life advice as I found it very easy to open up to her as to what I was experiencing last summer with my separation and her words were so very necessary for me just when I needed them. Plus Dee-Ann made me laugh – instant chemistry leading to finding humour in one’s foibles and well, one other variable that I also can not mention but that variable bonded us instantly. Dee-Ann is a year my junior but we be redefining what 50 is and will be, 50 will not be defining us. We own 5-0 and no one will tell us any different – this is why Dee-Ann is my bestie at 50! My soul sister from another mister who shares the same sentiment- life is just starting!! So glad I met you and have become friends. Looking so forward to our friendship blossoming. Here’s to you Dee-Ann, I fill out another crossword and ignore people who I have not time for 😉 You absolutely rock!


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