January 9 – what a trip

169/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Sometimes you don’t even realize that a person has had an influence on you until much later – this is the case with Pedro D. I met Pedro as a teacher at Burnett when he joined the department I was in as the Computer Studies teacher but it meant the move of a teacher who was already in the position. Pedro applied and was hired all above board and by the book – but we in the department were sad to see his predecessor go as we bonded with him and wanted him to continue on but we reluctantly welcomed Pedro and I’m sure he felt a bit awkward coming into a well established department. Hey, if I’m anything, I am honest! In no time at all, Pedro became a part of the department and we all forgot about what’s his name – I kid 😉 But yes, Pedro fit in very well with the department and helped me out whenever I had a computer issue or found problems with any of the software I was using in my classes. We all worked as a team and I got to know him well also through social gatherings. However, you really get to know a person when you are traveling with them and that’s what also happened. Pedro organized a trip to Europe for the students and ended up with so many students that he was able to take 3 other staff members as chaperones and he asked me to be one. Although this was out of my comfort zone, I was very excited to go and had a great time – I’m sure he could elaborate on my naivety around a lot of things and my expertise at others – I got to know Pedro really well as the two male teachers had to share a room LOL. But seriously, it takes a lot to fluster him as he is a laid back teacher and has this way of speaking that just brings a calmness to what otherwise could be a chaotic situation plus he is fazed by very little. His leadership style is also the same and no wonder he ended up moving through the ranks and becoming a principal. I was truly sad to see him leave the school but really happy for him. He left in me the love of traveling with students where I have also led a couple of trips myself. Cheers to you Pedro, in your honour, here’s to getting my passport renewed.


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