January 7 – laughter is the best medicine

167/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Do you have something in your life that makes you laugh? If not, why not? I totally believe in the adage that “Laughter is the best medicine” and having something that can provide one with the right dosage is exactly what everyone needs for their sanity. I tend to be the pharmacist doling out laughter to those around me – it’s just in my nature but I also look for it and although, I don’t have a particular person that gives me my fix, I turn to substitutes. I, like everyone else, need laughter in my life to put into perspective what life throws my way and thus I turn to comedy as my favourite genre but sitcoms are just adequately do the trick; however, if I want the right prescription, I turn to comedy specials. I am not a superfan of raunchy comedians but if it’s done well and not just for the sake of shock value, I enjoy it. I could binge watch Anjelah Johnson and Mo’Nique telling their life tales just as easily as listening to Sugar Sammy or Kevin Hart reflecting on their lives. I am especially fond of comedians who use self-deprecating humour to make light of stressful, anxiety provoking situations and in my own personal life, I tend to use this strategy to deal with my own life – I mean, hey, I’m the first to take ownership and make light out of breaking four ribs! It’s cathartic when one can see the humour in almost any situation and also bring a little joy to those around you. I am so very glad that I discovered comedy at an early age on television and honed my own ability in making people laugh at my personal foibles. In fact, one of my goals is to do my own stand-up routine one of these days because of the inspiration I have received from comedians. Thank you to all of those who have made me laugh because it truly is one of the best gifts to have!


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