December 29 – embrace your passion

158/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. It’s cold outside but hey, I live in Vancouver so how cold is it really compared to the rest of Canada – pretty mild but then again, El Nino is having a weird effect everywhere but I digress. The weather outside got me thinking about Calgary and that got me thinking about one of my last visits there when I met Debbie T for a coffee which was quite a while ago. I first met Debbie when she was in the UBC Education program becoming a Business Teacher. Even though I was her instructor for her required courses, we hit it off well and became friends. I was able to offer her advice about teaching and especially set her mind at ease in that she made the right decision to leave the corporate world behind. It is a tough decision for most of the people in that particular program who are used to high paying jobs to give all that up and go into teaching but I knew Debbie had made the right decision. She reminded me of myself – very focused, a go-getter, and a perfectionist which is not always a bad thing ;). I also loved her wicked sense of humour but best of all was her passion for teaching. I would have loved to have seen her teach but alas, I was not her practicum supervisor. After her degree, Debbie decided to take time off and go traveling in South America for a year – I watched her travels via Facebook and was very envious. Debbie came back to Canada and got married and Debbie had a baby – if I’m remembering it all well. I hope she is still teaching because she is the type of person we need in the profession. I was inspired by her genuine compassion for students and the way she lit up when she told me about the things she was doing in class and the successes that she experienced. The biggest thing though that made Debbie stand out was that she changed her entire life to pursue her calling – I often wonder if I would have had the courage to do that in my early 30s. Although I have not seen Debbie in a while, this gratitude post is just a timely one to let a person know that they had an impact on someone that they probably were not aware of. Thank you Debbie for making me realize that passion for teaching isn’t something that can be inculcated but it is something intrinsically woven in one’s being and those are the people that make the best teachers! I raise a crema de tequila spiked hot chocolate in your honour : )


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