December 21 – she took marketing, she lives marketing!

150/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Thus far in my career, I have taught/interacted/worked with (underestimating) 5000 young people. That number is astonishing. I can’t say that I remember all of them sadly but I do remember a good chunk of them. Of those, only about a 20 or so stand out significantly to me and that’s because they changed the way I viewed the game! They taught me something! I’m a big believer in fate and out of the blue former student Britt messaged me last week to meet up for lunch today. I have had Britt on my list of “gratitudees” that I am going to honour and was thinking about her post when her message came so what better day to write about her than today. Britt is one of the most positive girls/women any one could ever meet. I know it’s clichéd to say someone has a heart of gold – well, hers is platinum! I taught her Law and Marketing back in high school and could rely on partnering her with anyone and Britt would be so inclusive and welcoming. Her classwork was second to none of course but she also was actively involved in the social life of the school. Another thing about Britt was that she was and is an amazing sister – I could tell that her younger sister Lauren idolized her but Britt also was very proud of Lauren. I’ve talked about Britt to her former teachers and everyone looks upon her with fondness. I must also say that I am proud that she has gone on into the Marketing world and is now a Vice president of Marketing for a major company. Britt taught me that genuine kindness is what really matters and what people really remember. I have a daughter and there are only two women – not family, not friends but former students of which Britt is one – that I would be very proud if my daughter was even half the women they are. Thank you Britt for sharing your light and spirit with not only me but everyone around you. I feel very fortunate to have taught you! I raise my beer mug in your honour 🙂

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