December 17 -star light, star bright, Star Wars tonight!

146/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. As thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of people line up to watch the new Star Wars movie – both old fans and new – I’m sure most of them feel that George Lucas or some other person related to the franchise has had an immense effect on them. I know of several people who have anticipated this day for the longest time and I am very happy for them that they have found something that speaks to them. I wished that I had some movie/tv/sports franchise that moved me so – from being able to know every bit of dialogue, to each of the characters and their relations to others, to trivia facts about sets but alas, that is not the case – yes, Orphan Black and Walking Dead I love but nowhere near to the level of Star Wars fans. I am living vicariously through my Star Wars fan friends via their Facebook posts. I revel in their fandom and the passion and joy they share within their community. Seeing and hearing about the anticipation for the movie itself, I am truly inspired by the level of dedication and it’s great to see that something as simple as entertainment can unite people and bring them so much happiness and pleasure. Thank you Star Wars fans for letting me get a glimpse into a world that I know very little about. I hope one day to also find something as meaningful for me in regards to fandom. To you, my Star Wars fans, “May the Force be with you!”


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