December 13 – a helping hand

142/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. My father passed away two and a half years leaving my mom behind. Unlike most Indo-Canadian families, I, as the only son, do not have my mom living with my own family. It is the case in my culture that this extended family cohabitation is common practice but being born and raised in Canada, I didn’t really want to be a part of it and surprisingly and very progressive of my mother, she wanted to have her own independence and never wanted to live with her adult children or vice versa. I am very thankful for my mom’s friends – especially Gurdev and Charanjit. These ladies always have events such as lunches or concerts or trips planned that include my mom. Charanjit lives in the neighbourhood and is either at my mom’s house or my mom is at her home engaged in sewing crafts, trying out different recipes or just hanging out. Gurdev, also a widow like my mom, lives in Vancouver and the two of them engage in activities from shopping for new Indian garments or helping at the temple or driving to meet other friends for lunch. I am very grateful to these two ladies in that they not only keep my mom occupied but they keep her vital. She could be a 70 year old shut-in feeling sorry for herself but instead she is an active, independent woman who does her own thing. She does not rely on me, her son, for anything and the selfish boy in me can admit and appreciate that. Thank you Charanjit and Gurdev for not only befriending my mom and keeping her engaged in life but also for allowing me to live my adult life without feeling obligated, dare I say encumbered, with constant mom patrol for which I am forever grateful.


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