December 7 – the kindness of strangers

136/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I come from a culture where you are not supposed to share much about yourself especially not to people you don’t know well – or maybe this sentiment isn’t exclusive to my culture and is universally held? Whatever the case, I have never really had difficulty expressing myself as an adult – more difficult to actually reel myself in and keep my feelings and thoughts to myself. Restrained has never been a word that anyone has used to describe me. Upon embarking on my gratitude blog, I didn’t intend it to gain a following outside of the Facebook arena that I intended but as it stands, it has and I’m actually proud of that. Yes, I realize that there are many readers of the blog who know nothing about me personally – or rather they do through my postings but they do not know me on a personal level. Initially I was uncomfortable with that due to a small part in me that thought that maybe this was too much sharing. However, I have become more comfortable as the process has continued – I have followers of the blog now from all areas of the world. I had a stranger today who asked if I was “that Randy who writes the blog”. I was taken aback but a secret part of me was proud that I have people out there who have no clue who I am but are reading what I am sharing. I have always valued the affirmation of others – but this is the first time I am moved by the affirmation of strangers. Thank you to all the people I don’t know for making me feel known.


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