December 5 – giving you the benefit

134/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I have had a lot of time over the past week to reflect on a number of things and the gratitude posts have flowed from within with very little effort. As a result of being housebound due to my accident and its subsequent injuries, I have spent every moment in the house since I was released from the hospital. Initially, I was upset and feeling sorry for myself in that I could not be in the classroom during the day or that I could not go out with friends and family in the evening. Reluctantly, I accepted the fact that due to the extent of my injuries, the time away from work spent resting allowed me to benefit from the necessary healing. As I further reflected on this, I realized that I am very fortunate that my career as a teacher affords me this luxury – the ability to take time away from work and still be paid. Up until this year, I did not realize that having benefits such as (banked) sick days with full pay was not the norm for most careers/jobs – yes, call me naïve – and this is one of the reasons a public servant/government job is coveted. This past week has allowed me to realize how very lucky I am. I am very thankful to my teacher predecessors who stood up for and fought for these and other benefits, I am thankful for governments for not stripping away all the benefits in times of restraint, I am thankful for current teachers who fight to keep our benefits, I am thankful for taxpayers who continue to support teachers and other public sector jobs. Thank you all for indirectly allowing me the time to heal, go back to the classroom revitalized and in top form and not have to worry about what that healing time was going to do to my financial bottom line. I am very grateful.


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