December 4 – you are no longer in the running…

133/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I watch reality tv. I have no shame in it. I call it dumb tv for smart people. Okay, maybe I have a little shame in it 😉 I tend to think I am more highbrow in my reality tv watching – no Kardashians for me. Actually nothing that is on E! I like competition reality tv shows such as The Amazing Race or the original of all reality tv – Survivor. However, I have been watching my guilty pleasure of a reality show that combines the competition aspect but with backstage drama. Do I dare admit it – hell yes, I have admitted way more on these blogs and being judged on my taste in television – that’s a walk in a park – a well manicured, brightly lit, heavily made up park. Yup, I am a fan of America’s Next Top Model. Have been since its inception in 2003. Last night was the series’ finale episode. After 22 seasons – err, sorry cycles, the show came to an end. Sadly, the show didn’t know it was ending before filming so the production wasn’t as dramatic as it could have been but that’s not the real reason I watched. I didn’t even watch for the models as none of them would (nor have) lived up to the title albeit the photoshoots made for some pretty compelling television – underwater shoots, with bees and spiders, in drag, in maple syrup, in a freakshow, in a bloodfilled tub, in coffins – oh how I am going to miss the show. However, the biggest reason I watched the show was for the host – Tyra Banks. So over the top. So all about herself. So hilarious. I say this with much love and respect. She made the show for me. Coining terms or rather Tyra-ims such as Smize, Tooch, and Drektitude (okay, that one wasn’t really hers). Mentioning herself in every episode at least once about when she modeled back in the day (my friends and I had a drinking game – downing a shot each time she did this; let’s just say Thursday mornings weren’t that great). Bringing to the forefront and perhaps exploiting deafness, autism, extreme shyness, trans issues, single motherhood, anorexia, drug and alcohol issues, ethnicity, full figured models – the list went on. She herself provided me all the entertainment I needed from the show and that was the reason I tuned in. Yes, a bit ditzy and over the top at times but definitely a serious businesswoman and enterprising media mogul providing great escapist entertainment for the masses. Thank you TyTy for giving me hours of enjoyment over the last 12 years that was a great end to my week and start to my weekend. In your honour, I promise to continue to watch that occasional ANTM special that I know will make its inevitable appearance as will you 😉


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