December 2 -let’s get technological

131/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Think back to when you were a high school student – did you contact your teacher outside of class time? Did you even think about your teacher outside of class time? And if you did, did you consider them as someone other than teacher? As I reflect, I can be honest and say that no, I never once paid any regard to my teachers as soon as I was outside the confines of the educational institution. First, I didn’t consider it and second, even if I did, how would I have acted on it short of writing a note and then getting it to them? I got off on this tangent for today’s blog – which is not thanking a person but rather a thing – based on the fact that students from my classes, utilizing various technologies, contacted me this past week to wish me a speedy recovery. There was a group photo taken via IPhoto, messages sent to the class Freshgrade blog, personal messages via email or Facebook Messenger, Youtube songs sent to cheer me up. This says a lot about the students (which is another gratitude post perhaps one day) but it says so much about what allowed this – technology! This is how technology has permeated everyday life and allowed relationships to bud, blossom and/or bloom. Ruminate on technology however you want – bane or boon to our existence but it is here to stay and evolve ever in greater ways. We can either be assimilated by it and become a servant to it or accommodate it and adapt ourselves to it and become the master of it. As a teacher, I have had to constantly be on top of my technological game especially since I am in a computer lab and also to keep me relevant and give me an educational edge. I don’t fight it in the class as some of my contemporaries do – I use it to my advantage. I read up on all sorts of educational technology and how I can put to use students’ smart phones as educational tools in addition to their communicative roles in their personal lives rather than fight a losing battle against it. I also use technology in my everday life – the mere fact that I am expressing myself to you in this manner of blogging is all due to technology. Yes, it isn’t perfect and times were much different and perhaps simpler before and I understand that but it isn’t going to disappear ever. I may not know where this runaway horse is going but I will be holding on to its reigns and staying atop of it lest I fall off and be dragged by it. Thank you technology for keeping this 50 year old relevant. In your honour technology, I’m going to get my 1s and 0s in order.


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