November 30 (late) – Facebook Friends are real

129/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I have been told that I share too much online. That I don’t know the people to whom I share things with. That it will come back to haunt me. That people don’t care.   That people don’t share back with me. I tend to disagree. My communications are generally one way on Twitter, Instagram and here on WordPress – I don’t feel the need to engage in conversations with strangers but I will reply to comments. My purpose on these sites is to share my content. If it’s said that people are voyeuristically peering into my life, I say yes because I am giving them permission. Now Facebook is another story – this is where I interact with others and it is my main social media platform. I am in a career where I share personal stories for the students to get a better understanding of what I’m teaching in Marketing or Psychology – sharing on Facebook is just an extension of this and fits so very naturally with my personality. Yes, I know my online onlife is not to everyone’s tastes and they know what to do in that regard but for those who choose to stay connected, I will give you something to connect for and I also get reciprocal satisfaction from seeing what you share. This week, if you have not read yet, I injured myself taking me away from both the real world and online world for just shy of a work week. I ended up with 4 broken ribs, a punctured lung which later collapsed, two surgeries involving various tubes (since a couple of procedures failed), IVs, needles, poking and prodding. I was surprised but felt gratitude in getting phone calls, texts, messages and online queries as to where I had been. Once I had gone public with what had happened to me on Facebook, the love and wellwishes were sincere and flowing through both posts on my wall and private messages. It meant a lot to me. Yes, you may say that there is no satisfaction in the online world in regards to genuine communication and interactions but this week, the online world of Facebook cemented my faith in people in general but also the true caring nature of the bulk of my friends on Facebook as in real life (many of whom are both). Thank you all friends – no, this is not the meds speaking but me recognizing you recognizing me. And now, I will pop my Oxycontin in your honour!


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