November 28 – what is a cousin?

127/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. As I have mentioned on a couple of occasions, these Gratitude posts are very healing for me – I am able to acknowledge people who have helped me along my journey but I am the one also greatly benefitting from the writing as it also is very cathartic. Another bonus that has resulted is that I have gotten on the path of mending fences (that were not necessarily broken by myself). Earlier in these posts, I recognized all my cousins who had an impact on me as we were growing up together and I was able to tag most of them except for one set who, due to family politics, were not on speaking terms. I took it upon myself to send Manjit, the cousin who is closest in age to me, the earlier cousin gratitude post not knowing how she was going to respond but I just felt happy letting her know how I missed those days and wanted to reconnect. She replied in kind and we said we’d get together and decided on a day which I had to subsequently change as my son had hockey. Manjit asked me who the texted name was and I thought she was joking but then realized that it had been 16 years since we had spoken last and that she didn’t know who my kids were and I didn’t know hers. This was disconcerting. We ended up meeting this past week for dinner – initial awkwardness fading in seconds and started reminiscing about growing up and of the good times we shared as well as our respective siblings. I am really glad that we both made the effort and were able to get past a whole lot of issues that had nothing to do with the two of us and instantly connect as if no time had passed. Thank you Manjit for letting bygones be bygones – I look forward to renewing our cousinship and eventually meeting your family as you will meet mine.


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