November 26 -meet the parents

125/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. There’s the over involved parent. There’s the absent parent. There’s the laissez-faire parent. There’s the proud parent. There’s the “take no responsibility for my child’s education” parent. There’s the “what can I do to help” parent. There’s the “lay the blame on the teacher” parent. There’s the “willing to work with the teacher” parent. There’s the “bring my child with me” parent. There’s the “bestow gifts upon teacher” parent. There’s the “what can I do to make that 95% higher” parent. There’s the “just wanted to meet you” parent. As a high school teacher, I have seen them all and have tried to work with all the different parents I have encountered and regardless of the type of parent you are, I am so glad that you have come to see me as your child’s teacher and are taking an interest in their learning. By the mere fact that you took the time out to attend parent/teacher or meet the teacher night shows that you want the best for your child. You parents are the ones who have shown me how to be an involved parent with my own children as they have gone through school. With my high school son, I go to his “meet the teachers” during that first month. I go to his parent/teacher conferences during report card times much to his chagrin. I try to be an active part of my son’s education wherever possible and it is all because I have seen the interest and dedication – yes it varies but it’s still valid – that my student’s parents take in their child’s education. Thank you for letting me see the other side of the fence as I balance atop it as both a teacher and a parent. I have learned so much from the parents who come to see me and appreciate the fact that you do make that effort to connect with your child’s teacher and because of you, I am doing the same.


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