November 23 – i challenge thee

122/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I am the king of challenges. I have gone for a 30 minute run every day for 30 days. I have given up all sugar for 30 days. I have concocted a different martini each and every day for 30 days and of course consumed it. I have worked out/crossfit for 30 days. I have read a book a week for a year. I am presently going out of my comfort zone each and every month (taking up singing, swing dancing, ziplining to name am few). I am also currently writing a blog entry a day for 365 days thanking people. Some of the challenges I undertake are extremely difficult and some of them are…actually, all of them are relatively difficult or they would not be a challenge. I was inspired by reading about people undertaking 30 days challenges on my Facebook feed. I “watched” their progress and some of course gave up or didn’t continue posting 😉 Others talked about their challenges and what they felt like while undertaking them but especially after the completion of what they set out to do. I have joined some of my Facebook friends on their challenges and they have joined me on mine – misery loves company maybe but to have a “partner” join in just makes you that much more accountable. I can’t say I love the challenges I do but I do thrive on them. I am so very glad that I happened upon those status updates from various friends which has now made 30 day challenges de rigueur for living my life. As I come off of my 30 days of no alcohol, I raise a wine bottle (still corked) in your honour my challenge loving Facebook friends!


One thought on “November 23 – i challenge thee

  1. Hello Randy. The Vancity Buzz article was forwarded to me and I read with interest.

    I wish you nothing but encouragement and strength. You see, you and I have a similar journey. In 2011, I was fortunate to do a TEDxSFU talk entitled, “Discover the Extraordinary in the Ordinary”. Helping people discover the small things in life. In 2012, I turned 50 and continued to discover the extraordinary journey of turning 50 and how fantastic that feeling was. I have now been doing a daily gratitude for the last 4 months and sharing with others how important it is to acknowledge those who make an impact in our life. You can equally tap in to my site – I think we have much in common!

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