November 22 – i love me some psychology

121/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. During my university years, even though I was enrolled in and received my Business degree, unlike my fellow students in the program who took electives like History of Tax Law or Economic Diversity in Developing Nations, I took all my electives in the “ologies” – Anthropology, Sociology, Criminology and of course Psychology.   I enjoyed these courses much more than the actual courses in my Business program and if not for my engagement in these electives, my first undergraduate degree would strictly have been an exercise in going through the motions of getting a university education. Upon quickly getting my second degree (Teaching), I entered the profession but was tasked with teaching what I majored in – Business courses. There were no options at the high school curriculum level to capitalize on my minor. I was happy to have a job and made the best of it but was really not interested in my subject matter – I mean, I had to teach 8 blocks of typing in my first year!! “A, a, a – space – A, a, a – space” – it was torture!! 🙂 Luckily, I was able to pick up Marketing and Law and like Stella, I got my groove back!! Upon the suggestion of some grade 11s and 12s, I decided to propose a new course – Psychology 12. Since it was not offered anywhere in the city, I had to create the curriculum and find the resources. I had to approach my principal, then a teacher committee, and finally justify in to the School Board trustees – each step more daunting than the previous one! However, in every part of the process I was supported in my proposal and did not face any roadblocks. Long story short – I developed the curriculum for Richmond and have been teaching the course just shy of two decades and it is what keeps me going! I absolutely love teaching but to be able to teach Psychology is the gravy on an absolutely amazing dish of mashed potatoes!! Comfort food all the way! To all the people who were instrumental in getting the course from its earliest inception to what it is today, I thank you greatly.   In your honour, I will continue to ensure that I put my heart and soul into making every lesson better than the last! Thank you!


One thought on “November 22 – i love me some psychology

  1. WOW! I guess you are the reason why I love psychology! I didn’t know that you were the person who made it happen! I took it at Burnett in Grade 12, and then continued it as an elective in first year/second year of college. And even if it was only for a short period of time, what I learned in that short amount of time has helped me develop my major in literature! Love your blog! Feeling quite inspired right now and totally needed that while being in the middle of the last two weeks of school!

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