November 19 – friends at any age

118/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I used to like being perceived younger than I was. For the longest time, I hated admitting my age and enjoyed the age guessing game where people were well below my actual “number” (yeah, they could just have been being nice but let me stay ignorantly blissful 🙂 ). I don’t know if I’d necessarily chalk it up to my youthful appearance (and if so, it’s purely genetic and nothing to do with abundance or abstinence of nutrients, substances, topicals etc), rather, it’s my youthful energy. I don’t necessarily feel nor act like the typical 50 year old. I enjoy things because I enjoy them and don’t let my age define my indulgences. Because of this, most of my friends and acquaintances are younger, much younger, than me – some of them almost half my age. Initially, I was uncomfortable with this as I felt like that Grade 12 hanging with Grade 8s but then realized that one’s age should not preclude a friendship because of a genuine liking for a person. One of my current friends is Anthony. He was a former student of mine and we shared a mutual love of movies – we would always compare notes of what films we had seen and talk about the plotlines. Since his graduation of about a decade or more, we kept in touch initially through email but as most friendships go, lost touch over the years. One day as I happen to be on a run, a bicyclist passes me by and then turns around and approaches me again. He waves to me and calls out my name and it was Anthony. We stopped to chat and he took down my information suggesting we hang out to grab a coffee and catch up. Of course, as is also the norm, you don’t expect the person to follow-up (or is it that I’m just pessimistic?? 😉 ) but Anthony gave me a call and we went for coffee. That was about two years ago and we have been catching up here and there whenever our schedules coincide but the talk is less about movies and now more about good books read, relationships and life in general. Yes, of course I was a bit uncomfortable as I felt that it would be a teacher/student dynamic but that has not been the case and Anthony has been a very supportive friend especially during the time that I needed it. Thanks for turning that bike around that day Anthony and keeping the friendship going. In your honour, I read and recommend another book to you!


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