November 17 – over the white picket fence

116/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Love they neighbour. Uhm, no. That’s kinda weird and yeah, no. However, respect, like and admire one of my neighbours – yes, that I can do. Flo is a Japanese woman in her 80s who has the best landscaped yard – wait, the other Japanese lady across the street is competition but I digress – and Flo is always giving me plants to put in my garden. I do not know anything about gardening – I mean, I pulled out what I thought were weeds when in fact they were plants that I bought a few weeks prior so yeah, Flo looks out for me in that regard. Anytime I do something like water her lawn, she brings over some homemade treat or organic produce from her backyard garden as a token of appreciation. She is in awe of my son’s growth each and every time she sees him. She keeps friendly tabs on what is going on in our lives but is not a nosy neighbour which I greatly appreciate. She likes her weekly casino runs and takes pride in her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Flo is spunky and still drives (which is kind scary though) 😉 Flo makes me smile. I hope to be as active and full of life and energy when I am her age and I hope I am as neighbourly as she is rather than curmudgeonly (my worst fear for old age). Cheers to you Flo as I plant a succulent in your honour – yes, I learned something 🙂


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