November 16 – now this is a real mom

115/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I guess I must be Shania Twain as it takes a lot to impress me – if you don’t get that reference, Google my friend, Google. 😉 I am not jaded or cynical in the least, on the contrary, I am very positive but that does not necessarily go hand in hand with something affecting me greatly. Respecting is a different category as well and I can respect something that does not necessarily impress me. Last year, I had a student that I both respected and was impressed by. Jordana happened to be volunteering twice a week at the front desk where I worked out and was also a student in my class but did I realize that? No! LOL. Somewhere during the third week of classes, I looked at her in the back of the class and then it dawned on me – she knew all along! I just thought what a together teen volunteering and getting experience under her built while going to school. Little did I know that through circumstances, Jordana was a teen mother of a daughter a little over a year old! When I found out, I was very surprised as I would never ever have guessed that. Here she was attending every class at 8.20 and if she was going to be late due to daycare concerns, she would text a friend to let me know her whereabouts. She handed in all assignments and completed all projects never ever using her circumstances as an excuse for missing anything (not that she missed anything). I asked her permission to use her motherhood knowledge when it came to the childhood development unit and she shared her experiences with the class giving them firsthand knowledge about the subject matter. On top of that, she is a kind and respectful student and I know from her friends that she is greatly admired. I learned that Jordana also had her own blog about her experience as a teen mother with hundreds of followers – so very impressive. And here she is now continuing her postsecondary education getting her degree in Child and Youth Care. Yes, rarely have I been affected by a student who has changed the way that I view teenagers but Jordana has done that. Yes, you certainly do impress me much!! In your honour Jordana, I cue Shania’s track next in my playlist! I know you are going to do amazing things – thanks for letting me be a part of that journey!


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