November 11 – Remembrance Day

110/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. It’s Remembrance Day and yes, it’s a holiday but this one is important – to think about why we have the day off and who we are honouring on this day. I am not directly affected by someone losing their life in any type of war (not that I am aware of) but that doesn’t make the remembrance any less important. However, I am directly affected, as are many of us, in that our present way of life is because of all those who fought for our rights and freedoms. I am further reminded of this by watching the newly appointed Minister of Defence who fought in Afghanistan. By listening to the stories of veterans and their experiences in the different military actions they were a part of. By viewing the different ceremonies on television and at the school I teach at. By hearing about soldiers who survived and came back only to take their lives once they were home. By reading on my Facebook feed about how many of my Facebook friends’ parents and grandparents risked/gave up their lives for what we have today. By realizing that there are still soldiers fighting for freedom at this moment. Yes, today is Remembrance Day but every day should be in our hearts for all those that fought for what we have and take for granted. In gratitude and honour, I put on my poppy and reflect on what it is to be free and Canadian. To all the veterans and soldiers, thank you!

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