November 4 – giving me a helping hand

103/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I freely admit it – I have no handyman skills whatsoever. This was one of the reasons I delayed becoming a homeowner as I feared the upkeep – the little things that would need to be repaired over the years. I would rather pay someone to do something that most people could probably figure out easily. I’m not totally inept – I’ve youtubed a few things and impressed myself with my capability and of course, have had to let everyone know through a Facebook status update because it’s a big deal!! However, when it comes to replacing something big – let’s say a fence post, which requires measuring, digging, cement – yawn, no thanks. Over the last decade or so, Roger, the neighbour’s son-in-law has been a saviour. Formerly employed by the city but currently retired, he has, of his own accord, re-fenced the white pickets adorning both his mother-in-law and our homes. He has replaced rotted 6 foot posts in the backyard. He has cut the lawn when it became overgrown. He has hauled away debris and trash in his truck for us. He has installed motion detectors. He has just been an all around amazing man. I also appreciate the advice he has given me regarding the parenting of teenage boys – something that is brand new to me but something he did about a decade ago. Also, Roger is good for a laugh – yes, his humour may not always be politically correct, but it is not offensive or with malice but meant to take one off guard and lighten the mood. I especially appreciate the fact that Roger looked after the house and helped out whenever he could during the time that I have been away from the house due to our separation. Thank you so much Roger for being such a great guy. I appreciate all that you have done for the house and for us. I raise a nail and hammer it in (probably bending it as I do) in your honour 😉


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