November 1 – to my gratitude post readers, this one’s for you

100/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Wow, here I am at gratitude post 100!! Although I try not to give up on any task or challenge that I attempt, this one is for the long haul and I am not even a 1/3 of the way through and I hope I stick with it but even if I get half-way, I will be proud of myself. Today’s milestone post goes out to the readers of the blog. You may not have had the traditional impact on me that some of the honourees have had, but you have affected me through Your validation. Your encouragement. Your kind words. Your comments. Your private messages. Your relating to my feelings. I have heard that there are readers who are not though my Facebook. I am moved by this. This gratitude blog was intended to solely relay my thanks to people who have in someway impacted me over the last 50 years and to be a cathartic attempt to come to terms with who I am – be raw, open and honest. It is amazing how much happiness this is bringing me daily by showing gratitude to others – it is one of the most incredible feelings I have ever had and I wish I had discovered how powerful gratitude is sooner! Yes, I chose a public forum because I felt writing this privately would not meet my intention – to let those people know how they were important to me. However, I also wanted others to know how great those people were in my lives and thus a public blog was borne. I know that some of you may feel uncomfortable reading my thoughts and feelings but I say to you, I am doing this, you are not a voyeur, I am letting you in to see me. Thank you for walking through the door. To those who are regular attendees, I greatly appreciate your patronage. Thank you readers. If I have moved you in any way – that was not my intention but it is a bonus of these gratitude posts. In your honour, I will keep adding to the 365 Days of Gratitude.


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