October 31 – to be or not to be

99/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Sometimes you don’t know it at the moment the importance and significance someone has on you. That is with today’s gratitude honoree. Over the past 99 posts and my previous 6 months writing another blog, I have accepted that I have a way with words and can affect people and upon further reflection, I realized where that came from. As I look back on my years and years of education growing up, I remember the teachers in the elective areas but I can hardly recall any teachers from the academics. I just went through the motions in those classes – type of student who got great grades but wasn’t very memorable to the teachers and vice versa, they weren’t very memorable to me. That is not the case with my grade 9 English teacher Ms Mackworth. She was the one who I remember for all the right reasons – she encouraged me in my writing and always spent time with me after school helping me to understand things if I couldn’t. She allowed expression through media and I exceled at drawing. That is also the class where my love of books developed. Yes, she had to use the prescribed novels but I remember reading Lost Horizon and falling in love with it. Pure escapism – yes, the deeper subtext was lost on me but the love of reading was instilled. Ms Mackworth also was very kind and caring towards me – perhaps she knew the things I was going through but I looked forward to her class. In essence, she was like a surrogate mother – I felt comfort when I was in her class and looked forward to going “home” every other day. Thank you Ms Mackworth for creating the love of English in me from reading to writing to expression and for being a wonderful teacher. I flip another page in honour of you.


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