October 30 – a different breed

98/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Today, as I’m dressed as (Derek) Zoolander in my classroom for Hallowe’en and being the center of attention, I think back to those days when I wanted no attention at all. Days when I just wanted to blend in and not be called out for looking or being any different than the rest. Today I embrace my differences and my quirkiness – being me. Yesteryear, I longed to just be you. This gratitude post goes out to today’s students because of their accepting nature in contrast to what I experienced. Yes, I am an adult and I may be seeing them from a different perspective but as a teacher, I see a lot that most adults don’t have the opportunity to do so. I am learning so much from them and what I see is a different breed of student than when I went to school. I see a lot more acceptance in regards to diversity.   Back in my day, the transgendered student would be ridiculed if they had had the courage to come out but in my class, the trans student is equally accepted and is involved in group work and open about his feelings and has many friends. The out gay students are much more accepted and are proud to be themselves.  Racial tensions – at the school I’m at, we have Filipinos, Indo-Canadians, Black, Asians and White kids. Everyone getting along with everyone. Gender – girls outnumber guys 3 to 1 in Grade 12 and are at the top when it comes to marks. Maybe it’s through rose coloured bifocals 😉 , granted, but you can not deny the difference and awareness in today’s student . My day it was tolerance (hated that word) but today it’s acceptance that is not forced. Thank you students of today for allowing me to see school in such a positive light. I prepare another interesting lesson in your honour!

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