October 29 – that Calgarian nephew of mine

97/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Why don’t you have children? You’re married – you should have children? These were the types of comments I was met with as my wife and I waited five years before having our first child. We wanted to travel, we were young (just in our 20s) and we just wanted to wait. One of my reasons for hesitation – and I look back on it fondly now but in the moment, I was stressed – was meeting my nephew (by marriage) Alex in about 1992. He was about 2. I’m sure they coined the “terrible twos” in his honour! I was in shock. He was all over the place on our outing at the mall – and his parents were with us!!  I, half jokingly, said that this was the best form of birth control but one on one, Alex was great. As I have watched him grow up, even though he lives in Calgary, I have been very impressed with him when I do see him. He has grown into a kind, respectful young man who has always been great to me – always reverent, always honest, always considerate. The one thing that he did that will not ever be forgotten was keep in communication with me during my separation of last year even though I was married to his aunt. This is not the case with most of the rest of the extended family. I greatly respect you for that Alex and that just cemented my opinion of you. The one thing that I could fault him on – he made my son a Calgary Flames fan – but you are forgiven 😉 I also relate to Alex as I was an only son and the oldest and there was pressure on me to do right and set the bar but I didn’t have all the social pressures of today also coming at me that today’s young people have to deal with. Whatever you do, I’m proud of you buddy. Thank you for being an awesome nephew and a great guy! I wave my Calgary Flames towel in the air in your honour!!


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