October 28 – knowing my write from my left

96/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Without being given an opportunity, you never can discover what you are capable of. I would never have attempted at writing a blog – until the idea was put in my head and then an outlet for my thoughts was suggested to me. My friend Patrick, who works for the Vancouver Province, thought I would be the ideal blogger for its online edition – specifically for a Desi-bent (an Indo-Canadian perspective) subsection of the online edition. I was definitely not sure of my capabilities and also felt that I least represented the typical Indo-Canadian opinion – I mean, I use to refer to myself as the “Whitest Brown Guy” as a moniker. He told me that I had a way with words and a sense of humour based on my Facebook status updates and that a blog would be something that I would be ideally suited for. Well, long story short, I ended up with a regular blog called “the Whitest Brown Guy” and wrote several postings receiving very positive feedback (at present, that blog’s future is uncertain as the online edition is rebranding itself). That positive blogging experience led to my current Gratitude blog and I want to thank Patrick for getting me started on this track. If it wasn’t for you picking up on something in me, this “writing thing” would have lay dormant within me never to be discovered. So Patrick, I tap a few more keys in your honour! Cheers to you!

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